Refund and Replacement Policy

  1. Your purchase is eligible for replacement or refund only in the event (a) an incorrect Product (i.e. distinct from the Product you ordered) was delivered to you, (b) If the Product you receive has a genuine quality or manufacturing defect (as explained above).
  2. It is clarified that in case of Artwork, subjective imperfections or flaws in the colors, strokes, fading, lines, drawings, sketches, shapes, etc. as well as any changes brought about by time or influenced by weather conditions such as heat, humidity, etc. as the case may be shall not be considered to be defects. You acknowledge that the photographs displayed on the Website are influenced by a variety of factors such as lighting, angle, quality of camera, editing, etc. and the Product may not correspond exactly to such photographs displayed.
  3. Every replacement or refund request is treated as an individual case. Milanity shall have the sole right to determine whether a Product is defective or not.
  4. If you happen to receive a damaged or defective Product, or an incorrect Product that does not correspond to your original order, you can return it, at the time of delivery. In case the damage or defect is discovered after accepting delivery, you may email the Customer Support Team at support@milanity.com within 48 hours of delivery with the following information:
    1. Order number
    2. Delivery address
    3. Reason for the replacement, supported by clear images of the Product delivered, from all angles.
  5. We will not consider any emails or images for replacement of a Product or refund sent beyond 48 hours from the time of delivery.
  6. In the event we find that an incorrect Product was delivered to you, we will replace the Product delivered to you with the Product ordered by you within 2 weeks from the date that the incorrect Product is picked up from your provided address, subject to reasonable extensions Costs of shipping in such cases will be borne by Milanity.
  7. In the event we find that there is a genuine manufacturing or quality defect in the Product, we will either-
    1. Arrange for pickup of the Product and refund the amount paid by you as per the original payment method within 3 weeks from the date that the defective Product is picked up from your provided address, or
    2. replace the Product delivered to you, if practicable and if such Product is available, with another piece of the same Product within 2 weeks from the date that the defective Product is picked up from your provided address, subject to reasonable extensions.
    Milanity reserves the right to decide the appropriate and practicable resolution mechanism in each case.
  8. If you find that the delivery package has been tampered with, please do not accept the item and handover the package back to the delivery person. We will not replace packages that have been tampered with.