Milanity Implements Deeply Personalized Smart Homes to Enable Amazing Connected Experiences

Enabling cutting-edge digital experiences for residences designed and implemented for humans by humans

Milan Smart Homes

Enabling safe, secure, connected and enjoyable homes for your loved ones. We implement seamless digital ecosystems by integrating device controls and delivering personalized experiences based on each customer's preferences. Our MyMilan app brings all your devices together in a single, easy-to-use interface. There will be no need to toggle between multiple apps and systems.

Integrated Security

Smart Lighting

Appliances Control

Entertainment Systems

Integrated Security

Robust security systems to safeguard your valuables and family. Not just threat notifications, we take smart counteractions customized for different scenarios.

Smart Sensors

Strategically placed sensors that can be armed and disarmed at the touch of a button

Smart Modes

Smart Security Modes to mimic human activity even when you are away from your home.

Counter Actions

A threat notification is of little use when there's a break-in. Take counteractions remotely.
Milanity Integrated Security


Integrated Smart Lights can be controlled from your mobile app, keypads or using voice commands. Light groupings enable you to enjoy perfect ambiances during various occasions at the touch of a button.
  • Time-based lighting
  • Occupancy-based lighting
  • RGB color lighting
  • Mood-based lighting
  • Light intensity control



Space elevating wireless switches enabling smartness to your lights


Lights can be grouped, set at specific intensity and colors for different occasions


Ultimate convenience in controlling lights from app, wireless keypads and voice commands
Milanity Smart Wireless Switches


Milan Smart Curtains harness sunlight to create the perfect balance between outdoor and indoor lighting. You can open your curtains automatically when you wake up or close all your curtains at the touch of a button when you are leaving your premises. It's so simple and convenient.
  • Mobile app/keypad/voice-controlled curtains
  • Time-based curtain open/close
  • Scenario-based curtain open/close

Appliances Control

Manage your devices such as air conditioners, geysers and more from your MyMilan app. The ability to control devices on-the-go helps optimize energy consumption and adds convenience to homes.
  • Time-based device control
  • Action-based triggers
  • Real-time device status
  • Energy consumption reading

Entertainment Devices

Enjoy theater-like experiences at your homes using Milan Smart Entertainment systems. You can now integrate and manage all your media devices from a single mobile app.

Universal remote control

Put away your remotes and control all your entertainment devices from the MyMilan app at the touch of a button

One-touch scenarios

Tap Watch TV or Watch Movie, recline, relax and enjoy. Life should be simple as that.

Multi-room audio

Store all your music in one place and play them in any room. Wake up to soothing day-of-the-week music playlists.
Milanity Smart Entertainment Systems