Milanity Designs and Implements Highly Energy-Efficient Connected Buildings

Using integrated building management systems, a network of smart sensors and AI-powered software, we enable significant energy savings for buildings in an economical manner

Comprehensive Energy Management for
Residential and Commercial Buildings

Our platform's flexibility helps us to implement customized solutions at scale in a relatively economical manner for any size of property. We enable building owners and facility managers to collect and visualize data from all their portfolio properties, enabling optimization of energy consumption as well as simplified maintenance and support.

Centralized Control of Devices Across Portfolios

Milanity offers smart systems that can support devices with both wired and wireless communications. We integrate thermostats, lighting controls, smart outlets and other energy-saving devices, enabling property owners to quantify energy consumption and optimize usage.
  • Devices Control Dashboard
  • Devices Grouping
  • Status Monitoring
  • Status Alerts
Milanity Device Control Dashboard
Milanity Real-time Smart Alerts

Real-Time Insights and Smart Triggers

Distributed sensors provide real-time data on specific parameters such as energy consumption, indoor temperature and humidity. We also configure smart triggers and corresponding response actions. For example, the fan speed in the heating or cooling units will change automatically depending on the mode and desired temperature in the thermostat. Sensors can alert if heat is being wasted due to open windows.
  • Smart Alerts/Triggers
  • Configured Response Actions
  • Instant Notifications

Giving Your Buildings a New Dimension

Milanity offers a wide range of energy monitoring devices and advanced metering solutions, which empowers facilities managers to centrally and remotely manage all energy-related equipment from boilers in buildings to heating/cooling units in apartments.
Milanity offers advanced building energy management solutions
Milanity building energy management tool

Data-driven Approach to Energy Management and Optimization

Visualize data such as energy consumption property-wide, unit-wise, by apartment-type, etc. Compare consumption in units and locations over time periods, and identify inefficiencies and energy waste. We provide an array of easy-to-understand and insightful charts and tables which will identify problems as well as point to opportunities for saving energy.