Milanity Implements End-to-End Secure and Energy-efficient Connected Buildings

Connecting all stakeholders including owners, operators and occupants under a common digital platform in which devices and information are shared in real-time


Secure, economical and top-notch digital solutions that ensure buildings function optimally at all times, enabling exceptional experiences for occupants or tenants, and cost-savings and peace of mind for owners


Milan Infra empowers property managers to manage heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, lighting, and power systems, enabling energy efficiency and significant cost savings. We offer an extensive array of tools for energy monitoring and energy use optimization including a comprehensive actions-focused dashboard.

Smart Climate Control

Centralized temperature control for the complete property

Smart Action Trigger

Integrate and take actions based on triggers

Real-time Insights

Tailored energy dashboards with actionable information
Milanity Smart Temperature Control

Smart Temperature Control

The Milan Infra platform's product flexibility, depth of integration and customization features help deliver smart energy-saving solutions, which can significantly reduce energy costs. Limits can be set in thermostats for maximum and minimum set-points, and usage can be programmed based on occupancy, triggers and other actions.


Milanity Smart Security and Surveillance Systems
Security products such as motion sensors, cameras, access controls, and perimeter sensors can be integrated in a single system.

Integrated Security

Smart security and surveillance systems enable security professionals and property managers to remotely manage all security aspects of the facility on-the-go.
Streamlined Operations by Milanity
Smart task reminders, AI-enabled organizer, and schedulers can be used to create a productive working atmosphere.

Streamlined Operations

We add firepower to the internal operations team, modernize their work systems, and automate business processes.
Milanity's Solutions for Property Customization
Customized dashboards, key data manipulation and business operations automation.

Property Customizations

The solutions are customized for each property ensuring product-property fit, ease of migration and best outcomes.


Milan security systems combine access control, visitor management, fire and alarm systems, video surveillance, security personnel management, and much more in one seamlessly integrated platform.
  • Unified surveillance dashboard
  • Smart triggers and notifications
  • Pre-configured response actions
  • Real-time device status
Milanity Personalized Business Management Tools

Property Operations

Personalized business management tools to streamline operations, cross-departmental functions and communication systems, enabling greater productivity and efficiency. Our integrated business management system powers businesses with personalized dashboards that contain actionable business insights delivered when relevant.
  • Task reminders
  • Cross-department communications
  • Asset management
Milanity for Efficient Organizations

Efficient Maintenance Drills and Work Models

We automate the operational drills, task assignments like housekeeping and gardening errands and much more in a simplified work model. Smart task reminders, AI-enabled organizers, and schedulers can be used to create a productive working atmosphere.
Milanity Budgeting and Integrated Reporting Tools

Budgeting and Integrated Reporting Tools

Facility owners strive to be efficient and resourceful but when too many individuals are at work, things can become pretty hectic and unmanageable at times. We empower facilities managers with AI-enabled tools that provide insights and data that can be strategically used to optimize everyday operations. Important operational information such as employee productivity, cost analysis, energy consumption, revenue reports and customer feedback analysis are consolidated and presented in an informative structure.
Milanith Integrated Billing and Tenant Communications

Integrated Billing and Tenant Communications

We offer intuitive and easily adaptable customer services and communication systems that streamline all customer-related transactions, communications, and much more in a unified channel. We offer a robust set of tools that solves all the issues in managing and notifying lease renewals, maintenance requests, document management, financial transactions, and other vital tenant communications.


At the core of our fully configurable BMS is a flexible IoT platform offering several customizable elements and device integrations for commercial and residential buildings, enabling energy efficiency and seamless facilities management. Our end-to-end services including design, implementation and support ensures that owners/operators can manage properties in an efficient and economical manner while providing exceptional tenant satisfaction.