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Our goal Is to enable the enduring success of our partners by deeply collaborating in the design, implementation and support of every project

Are you tired of selling undifferentiated products? Milanity will help transform your system integration business inside-out as an innovator who can create tremendous value for people and businesses around you by solving everyday problems, enabled by technology. At Milanity, we base our business philosophy on a framework of partnerships, experiences, learnings, and achievements, all directed at one goal: “Enabling beautiful digital living experiences.” We work with our clients to deliver tailored services based on an exceptional value-added standard of performance.

One Common Mission

Milanity's mission is to deliver one integrated platform that enables people to optimally manage everyday living as well as to contribute to the efficient functioning of residential and commercial buildings. We incubate business partners from across the world to participate in and benefit from our vision. Our team looks for zeal in a partner who shares our company's vision and resonates dedication. We provide all the materials, training, and support to grow our partners' businesses in a sustainable manner.


We bring the right resources together to achieve exceptional results. Our partnership culture is deep-rooted, and we take utmost care in improving each partner's business. The onboarding process is done carefully - we look for certain parameters in each candidate and thorough screening is done before signing them up.

Once the partner meets all the requirements, we onboard them without any franchise charge. Yes, you heard it right, unlike other business models we don't charge a penny to get started. The trust is mutual - you believe in us, we believe in you. You take care of the delivery and customer experience, we take care of you. As an organization, we desire to build beautiful stories of how Milan products have changed people's lives.


Enabling our partners to implement business models that convert projects to life-long relationships. Milanity is dedicated to training our partners to become the best customized provider of IoT-enabled system integration services in your respective territories. Our training methods are personalized and efficient, and project results are guaranteed to be appreciated by end customers.


Tools for Success

  • Business Management
  • Technology and Product Training
  • Project Design
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Service and Technical Support


Milanity is not a company with a narrow focus offering solutions that only work for the present time. Our Milan digital solutions platform is exceptionally vast and flexible, offering a wide array of next-gen features. We have served the needs of 2000+ clients in 5 different countries in a wide variety of applications. Our Partners can leverage our platform and experience to offer solutions for a variety of opportunities ranging from energy management for residential and commercial buildings to comprehensive room automation for hotels.

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