Milanity's founders started a business in the field of Home Automation in the United States in 2002. After completing numerous projects (including for reputable US builders) using products from leading global brands for over a decade, Milanity was founded in 2013 to address the opportunity for connected living solutions that could be deployed in a highly customized, yet economical manner.


Milanity's mission is to make people's lives secure, healthy, convenient, enjoyable and connected in a personalized and affordable manner. We believe that the rapid advances in technology can fully benefit people only if products are seamlessly integrated with personalized services. Milanity is therefore a relationship-focused company offering exceptional products and services, supported by robust processes. As technology evolves and needs change, we strive to make everyday living better for people.


Our team of exceptionally qualified professionals have over 100 years of combined experience in the digital living and automation space. We share a deep passion in finding creative, practical and affordable ways to apply technology to improve quality of life. The capstone of Milanity's offerings is our MyMilan life app that inspires beautiful living for people by progressively integrating devices and information across locations and relationships, enabled by our flexible platform and innovative products.

Our Approach

Milanity's approach is to make our clients' lives secure, convenient and enjoyable in a cost-effective manner. We can accomplish this since we start with a blank-slate on every project and stitch together just the right amalgam of products and services that are most suited to address the needs and interests of our clients.
Milanity Approach
Milanity Approach