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The Milan SnapDigi Infrared devices control module transmits infrared (IR) signals over an IP network. It enables control of IR based devices such as televisions, air-conditioners, cable boxes, DVD/Blu-ray players and home theater receivers/amplifiers from the MyMilan app.

The Milan Ross RGB Control Module enables spaces to be painted with beautiful color lighting using RGB LED strips. The colors can be easily selected from the MyMilan app to suit prevailing moods.

The Milan Climax Media center enables stunning entertainment experience. Music and videos can be accessed and played at the touch of a button from the MyMilan app. The media can be stored in the player's USB drive or in a network attached storage device. It facilitates the integration of music playlists in MoodPro or MyMilan Scenes.

The Milan Climax 2.1 Channel Sound Bar delivers excellent audio quality for great entertainment experiences. It has an array of connectivity options such as HDMI, USB and Bluetooth. This Smart Sound Bar can be controlled from the MyMilan app, and can be paired with the Milan Climax Media Player to enable music in MoodPro or MyMilan Scenes.