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Frequently asked questions

Q. Where can I find MyMilan Activation Code?

A. You can find MyMilan Activation Code on the sticker pasted on products (along with QR code).

Q. What is the use of MyMilan Activation Code?

A. MyMilan Activation Code is used for the following purposes:

  • Make products functional by integrating them with MyMilan app
  • Registering products for Warranty purposes
  • Gain Milan Smiles which are needed to access Support

Q. How can I use Milan Smiles?

A. Milan Smiles are used for accessing Services and Support.

Q. Where can I get Milan Smiles?

A. Milan Smiles are granted when products are purchased OR they can be purchased from the Milan Store.

Q. How can I get support for selecting, installing or troubleshooting products?

A. You can request support by tapping the Milan Digital Assistant. Our support professionals are Milanity employees or certified third party consultants. Milanity will not disclose information about your project to our consultants unless it is needed for support purposes. You must not disclose information to them including your identity or address unless such information is required to fulfill the services you requested (e.g., if a visit is needed to your location for installation).

Q. Where can I get user manuals for products?

A. You can get user manuals from www.Milanity.com/manuals

Q. Can I install products on my own?

A. Yes, you can install products on your own using the wizards in the MyMilan app and the instructions in the manual. First create an Addon and then configure it. You can access support as needed from the MyMilan app.

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