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Enabled by our exceptional products and personalized app, MyMilan, we seamlessly integrate devices and information, making life secure, healthy, convenient, enjoyable and connected.

  • Secure Living

    Secure Living

    No matter where you are, smartly secure your home and property. Monitor activities with real-time notifications.

  • Healthy Living

    Healthy Living

    Smart health monitors enable you to track your diet, physical activities and medication, and experience better quality of life. Share progress and health information with your doctor as needed.

  • Convenient Living

    Convenient Living

    Set the tone for the day with a feeling of serenity as curtains open automatically bathing you in sunlight and spiritual music awakens your senses.

  • Enjoyable Living

    Enjoyable Living

    Create beautiful living experiences with smartly automated lighting, curtains and music. Unwind to a great entertainment experience at the touch of a button.

  • Connected Living

    Connected Living

    Distances don't matter anymore. View and talk to visitors to your home from work or when traveling and unlock the door to allow known visitors in.

Milan Bliss for Smart Homes

Our Home Automation solutions can transform your everyday life into beautiful moments by enabling personalized experiences

Milan Arcadia for Smart Communities

Milan Arcadia enables highly secure and connected communities, including management of personnel and amenities

Milan Utopia for Hotels

Our Smart Hotel Automation and Management solutions can greatly enhance guest experiences and improve operational efficiency

Milan Delizia for Restaurants

Our Smart Restaurant solutions enable digital transformation for restaurants, enhancing customer experiences and maximizing profitability

Milan Accord for Smart offices

Milan Accord enables highly secure, energy-efficient and tightly integrated solutions for offices

Milan Lifestyle

Enabling secure, healthy, convenient, enjoyable and connected living in a personalized manner