Milanity Implements Deeply Customized Home Automation, Smart Hotels and Energy Efficient Connected Building

Integrating devices and information that we use in our everyday lives to enable secure, convenient, enjoyable and connected experiences across locations

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High Quality Products

Precisely manufactured IoT products to address specific needs

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Seamlessly Integrated

Platform to integrate IoT systems and business management tools

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Connected Experiences

Stitch together the right amalgam of products and services

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Exceptional Value

Value focused solutions tailored for projects and users


Milanity's digital ecosystems seamlessly integrate existing infrastructure with cutting-edge IoT devices and software elements, with the goal of significantly improving efficiency and convenience in a deeply personalized manner.
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We Connect People, Information and Devices

Smart Home Automation Company - Milanity
Smart Home Automation - Milanity
Connected security, lighting, temperature, entertainment systems and appliances control for homes.

Smart Homes

We offer personalized smart home solutions enabling secure, convenient and connected living
Smart Hotel Automation
Smart Hotel Room Management System
In-room automation, on-demand services, guest communications and more, in a seamless flow.

Smart Hotels

We digitally transform guest touch points ensuring exceptional stay experiences
Milanity Building Automation System
Building Management System
Energy management solutions, integrated security, operations management and property intelligences tailored to property portfolios.

Connected Buildings

Enabling facilities managers with actionable insights to efficiently manage property portfolios

Solving Simple Problems That Appear Complex

Milanity's flexible and scalable digital living platform can easily adapt as the needs and interests of our clients evolve. All it takes is the addition of one or more connected devices or information elements to address specific requirements or the addition/modification of “rules” that define what information needs to be delivered when to the user interfaces.

Trusted by Leading Brands

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Milanity Trusted by Kamson Corporation


Disconnected Silos to Unified Experiences

Milanity's unified experience-focused platform demystifies technology and focuses on enhancing quality of life. Our MyMilan (by Milanity) app enables deeply personalized human experiences by connecting diverse aspects of human endeavor.
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